Keith Marsden

Keith Marsden has been an economics consultant to several UN agencies. He was previously an operations adviser at the World Bank, a senior economist in the International Labour Office, and an economist in British industry.

He has undertaken studies and advisory missions in over 60 countries, and has contributed to many reports to governments. He has also written numerous articles on economic policy for The International Labour Review, Finance and Development, The European Journal, Aspenia, l’agefi, The New York Times, The Daily Mail and The Wall Street Journal. Publications include Towards a Treaty of Commerce (CPS, 2000), Miracle or Mirage: New Labour’s Economic Record in Perspective (CPS, 2001), Gordon Brown and British Competitiveness (CPS, 2003), Gordon Brown’s Boasts (CPS, 2004), Lean not Mean: how small government works (CPS, 2006) and Big, Not Better? Evidence from 20 countries that slim governments work better (CPS 2008).