Kenneth Minogue

Kenneth Minogue is Emeritus Professor of Political science at the London School of Economics. He has written books on liberalism, nationalism, the idea of a university, the logic of ideology, and more recently on democracy and the moral life. He has written and reviewed in many places, and has been a columnist for The Times, the Times Higher Education Supplement and for other outlets.

His most recent books have been Politics: A Very Short Introduction for the Oxford University Press, and an edited volume Essays in Conservative Realism. In 1986, he presented a six-part television series about libertarian economics called The New Enlightenment on Channel Four. It was repeated in 1988. He was Chairman of the Bruges Group 1991 – 1993, and was on the Board of the Centre for Policy Studies for 25 years, until his retirement in 2009. He was born in New Zealand and educated in Australia.