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Tessa Keswick

Deputy Chairman of the Centre for Policy Studies

Tessa Keswick became a Deputy Chairman of the Centre for Policy Studies in January 2004, having been the Executive Director since 1995.  She joined the CPS after serving as a Special Policy Advisor to the Rt Hon Kenneth Clarke QC MP from 1989-1995. During that time she worked at the department of State for Health, the Department of Education and Science, the Home Office and HM Treasury. Prior to this, Tessa worked in advertising and journalism, including for the Daily Telegraph Magazine and the Spectator.

In September 2013, she was appointed a Non-Executive Director of Daily Mail and General Trust plc.  In September 2013, she was also elected Chancellor of the University of Buckingham. 

She is a patron of the British Museum, the National Gallery and the V&A.

As the Director of the Centre for Policy Studies, she contributed to, commissioned and published over 100 public policy pamphlets on the European Union, the Constitution, law and order, education, health, tax and regulatory affairs and women’s issues.  She has written on these subjects for most of the national newspapers, on radio and on television.  She has an interest in foreign affairs and now travels extensively, particularly in China and the Far East.  In July 2007 she became a Fellow of Kings College, London.

Tessa Keswick