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The economics of budgets since the war

16 March 2012 - Economy

Clement Attlee's three Chancellors: Hugh Dalton, Stafford Cripps and Hugh Gaitskell, all had to deal with the fact that Britain had been bankrupted by six years of war and the fact that Attlee had committed them to financing an ambitious programme of nationalisation and the creation of the NHS along ...


Steps towards a Flat Tax in 2012

26 December 2011 - 2012 Policy Resolutions

In the seventh of the CPS' 'UK Policy Resolutions for 2012' series, Nigel Knight, Director of Studies in Economics at Churchill College Cambridge, calls for an investigation into a flat tax for personal income . This morning, in the sixth in the series , CPS Research Fellow David Martin looked ...


U-Turn? I want to! - David Cameron's first 18 months

02 December 2011 - Politics

Baroness Thatcher famously said ‘U-turn if you want to’. Unfortunately David Cameron seems to have out U-turned Edward Heath in his first eighteen months in office.

  • At first there were no plans to raise VAT, then VAT rose to 20%.
  • The Education Maintenance Allowance was ‘safe in ...