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Get British energy off the back burner

27 January 2015 - Energy

As shown in a CPS report published yesterday, MPs are again struggling to understand how important it is that Britain remains able to keep the lights on. Now that we're in the election season, it is worth remembering that Labour should have ordered replacement nuclear capacity no later than 1999 ...


Bluff and bluster from the SNP

15 September 2014 - Economy

In a paper released today, Oil, Finance and Pensions: why Scots should say No, leading economist Tim Morgan has identified three major risks in the event that the Scots vote “yes” to independence.In response to the report’s evidence, Scottish Finance Secretary John Swinney has attacked the credibility of its author, ...


Unprecedented Challenges: Managing Austerity in 2012

22 December 2011 - 2012 Policy Resolutions

In the second of the Centre for Policy Studies' 'UK Policy Resolutions for 2012' series, Dr. Tim Morgan - Global Head of Research for Tullett Prebon - looks at managing longer periods of austerity, as well as how the government can reward work through the tax system. Yesterday, in the ...



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