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James  Conway

James Conway

James Conway works for Portman Capital and was one of the authors of the CPS publication "Give us Our Fair Shares". 

The Target 2 the heart of Europe

30 May 2012 - Economy

Like with icebergs, the financial hazards you can see are manageable, the ones you can’t - lethal. And similarly for those in the crow’s nest of high finance, once you have spotted the hazard, it’s usually far too late to turn the ship.“TARGET2” is defined as “an interbank payment system ...


Acropolis Now: reaching the point of criticality in the eurozone

16 May 2012 - Economy

Criticality. It is the term used by physicists to describe the process in which a fissile material attains a critical mass that leads to a nuclear reaction. In essence, it quantifies the point at which a chain reaction will occur, that point where the process towards the core destroying everything ...



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