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Bias at the Beeb: addressing some questions

15 August 2013 - Public Services

My report, “Bias at the Beeb? A Quantitative Analysis of Slant in BBC Online Reporting” is published this week. The goal of this report was to try to bring a more dispassionate approach to a debate that has become extremely heated in recent years.In this blog post I’ll quickly outline ...


A Return to Conventional Monetary Policy Will Kill off the Case for Fiscal Stimulus

23 July 2013 - Economy

One of the big insights of macroeconomics in the last 40 years or so is that, where possible, demand management is best left to monetary rather than fiscal policy. Incredibly, this reasoning successfully permeated the thinking of policy makers in this country and elsewhere.The only time you will find any ...


Want to Marry a Footballer? Consider moving to France!

11 September 2012 - Economy

Many people are dubious of the behavioural changes attributed to tax cuts, particularly cuts to taxes which primarily benefit wealthier individuals. This reaction is perhaps at its most pronounced when it is claimed that higher taxes on investment bankers will result in a mass exodus from the City of London ...