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Adam joined the Centre for Policy Studies as Head of Economic Research in January 2014. 

The Spending Review: Not out of the woods yet

22 September 2015 - Economy

This article is taken from the CPS Economic Bulletin. To receive the bulletin to your inbox before it is published online, subscribe here. Turmoil in financial markets across the world has shone a spotlight on the vulnerability of the UK to external shocks. In recent years, the UK economy has performed strongly in ...


Within striking distance - trade union reform

17 September 2015 - Politics

A version of this article was originally published by the New Statesman. Keir Hardie would be aghast if he could see the state of the trade union movement today. Its reputation has been comprehensively trashed and the sad truth is that, too often, this is completely justified. Knee-jerk, reactionary opposition to ...


Corbynomics is not fit for government

14 September 2015 - Economy

This article originally appeared on CapX. Jeremy Corbyn, who is now leader of the Labour Party, proposes what amounts to a government takeover of the British economy. It is an economic programme which is almost entirely ignorant of the success of free enterprise. On Wednesday, for example, the World Health Organisation ...


The Green Revolution we need

28 August 2015 - Environment

This article is taken from the CPS Economic Bulletin. To receive the bulletin to your inbox before it is published online, subscribe here. Vitamin A deficiency causes enormous suffering amongst those afflicted by it with blindness and ultimately death being the final outcomes for many in the developing World. The World Health Organisation ...


Corbynomics: A path to penury

18 August 2015 - Economy

This article is taken from the CPS Economic Bulletin. To receive the bulletin to your inbox before it is published online, subscribe here. The expansion of capitalism and free markets in recent decades has led to incredible economic and social progress; the fastest fall in extreme poverty in human history, rising ...


Don't just sit there, undo something - deregulate for growth

28 July 2015 - Economy

At the Margaret Thatcher Conference on Liberty held last year, Arthur Laffer argued vociferously in favour of radical deregulation to boost economic growth. His message to the politicians assembled at the conference was, “Don’t Just Sit There, Undo Something.” Given the historic stagnation in productivity facing the UK, a new ...


Seven taxes that should be abolished

27 July 2015 - Economy

Milton Friedman once argued that he was “in favour of cutting taxes under any circumstances and for any excuse, for any reason, whenever it's possible.” The reason, Friedman argued, was because the only effective way to hold down the size of the state is to hold down the amount of ...


A first steps budget

15 July 2015 - Economy

This article is taken from the CPS Economic Bulletin written by Adam Memon and Tim Knox. To receive it by email before it is available online, sign up here. “Productivity is the challenge of our time. It is what makes nations stronger, and families richer.” This first line of the Productivity Plan ...


Britain's creaking water industry needs real competition

08 July 2015 - Economy

In the Emergency Budget today, the Chancellor will outline a series of measures aimed at raising productivity. One industry which is in dire need of an injection of competition and productivity growth is water. The water industry remains relatively insulated from competition with 19 regional monopolies. They collect the water from the ...


Deficit reduction is still important

08 July 2015 - Economy

The Emergency Budget in June 2010 set out the Coalition Government’s plans to cut the deficit and restore medium term fiscal sustainability. Excluding the publicly owned banks, public sector net borrowing reached 10.2% of GDP in 2009/10 which was £153.5 billion. With one of the largest budget deficits in the ...


Banking needs a fresh wave of competition

03 July 2015 - Economy

When Metro Bank was set up in 2010, it was the first time in 150 years that a new company had been granted a banking licence. Many of the problems in the banking sector derive from a lack of transparency, choice and competition. The number of major UK banks fell ...


Britain must be committed to NATO. Our security depends on it

02 July 2015 -

The security and freedom of European nations ultimately rests upon a strong and effective NATO. The Article 5 treaty obligation ensures the common defence of all NATO nations and has so far worked in protecting the alliance. However, NATO only retains its strength if its defence capacity remains credible. Approximately ...


Household Incomes, Taxes and Benefits

30 June 2015 - Economy

Yesterday we published an Economic Bulletin which examined new ONS data on household incomes, taxes and benefits. Amongst other things, the ONS data showed that 51.5% of households are receiving more from the State (in cash benefits and benefits-in kind) than they are paying in taxes. Cash benefits of course ...


Europe must wean itself off Russian gas. Start in Lancashire

29 June 2015 - Energy

Today’s decision by Lancashire County Council to block shale gas exploration at the Preston New Road site is a terrible mistake. The economic, environmental and geopolitical arguments are overwhelmingly in favour of fracking. Shale gas could provide thousands of jobs, boost productivity, increase our energy security and all at a ...


Time to get fracking. No more excuses

28 June 2015 - Energy

In a recent Economic Bulletin, we highlighted the challenges facing the UK oil and gas sector. Maturing fields are pushing up decommissioning costs, which tightens margins especially in the context of much lower prices. Alongside this, heavy taxation of the sector remains a burden despite some positive steps take in ...