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Adam joined the Centre for Policy Studies in January 2014, having previously been at the Conservative Research Department.

When a balanced budget means more borrowing

16 April 2015 - Economy

It is quite common for politicians to distinguish borrowing for current spending and borrowing for investment purposes. The Conservatives and UKIP propose to reach an absolute budget surplus by 2018/19 and Labour proposes to achieve a budget balance on current spending by 2020. When politicians only say that they want ...


Extending right-to-buy will transform the prospects of low income families

15 April 2015 - Economy

This article originally appeared in City A.M., Wednesday 15 April 2015. The centrepiece of the Conservative Party manifesto, unveiled yesterday, was a significant expansion of the right-to-buy scheme. Giving families the ability to own their own home is a wonderful thing, and extending the scheme to housing associations, as the Conservatives ...


Increasing the Personal Allowance is still a powerful tool

08 April 2015 - Tax

It was mildly amusing to see the Lib Dems recently complaining that the Conservatives were claiming the credit for having increased the Personal Allowance. They seem to have forgotten that it was the Centre for Policy Studies which first proposed increasing the Personal Allowance to £10,000 back in 2001. This ...


Restricting Zero Hours Contracts won't increase job security

01 April 2015 - Economy

The proposal today from Labour to give people who have worked on a zero-hours contract for 12 weeks the right to a regular contract is interesting but ultimately misguided. A flexible labour market is vital for a dynamic economy and it has kept unemployment lower than it otherwise would have ...


5 mistakes from Lucy Powell

30 March 2015 - Economy

Yesterday, Andrew Neill interviewed Lucy Powell, Labour’s campaign coordinator, on the Sunday Politics. It was certainly quite a tense exchange with Powell accusing Neill of conducting a “Paxo-style interview.” However, it is not usually a good sign when a politician complains about tough interview questions and is unable to provide ...


An arbitrary profit cap won't help the NHS

27 March 2015 - Healthcare

There is a certain irony that Ed Miliband chose the site of the 2012 London Olympics today to condemn the growth of markets and competition in the provision of healthcare in the UK. The Olympics Games, of course, is well known for its lack of competition.Miliband proposed introducing a cap ...


Rejoice, the World is becoming a better place

25 March 2015 -

This article was originally published in KCL's Perspectives magazine. In a recent debate I had on the BBC World Service (CPS, 2015) with David Graeber, the anthropologist who apparently came up with the phrase “We are the 99 percent,” I quoted official figures showing big falls in extreme poverty and rises in life ...


Zero inflation is good news. For now.

24 March 2015 - Economy

Today’s news that inflation has fallen to zero, the lowest since current records began, is good news. This does mean that the UK is now likely to see a period of deflation in the coming months. The closest comparable data suggests that the last time the UK experienced deflation was ...


The red herring of departmental spending cuts

23 March 2015 - Economy

In its latest labour market update, the ONS announced that the UK’s employment rate had reached a record high of 73.3%. This latest statistic reflects the strong performance of the labour market generally with youth unemployment, long term unemployment and part-time employment all on downward trajectories. In addition, the British ...


Britain is Taxed Enough Already

02 March 2015 - Economy

This article is taken from the fortnightly CPS Economic Bulletin. To receive emails from the CPS, subscribe using this form. When the OBR published its Economic and Fiscal Outlook in December last year, it forecast that public spending would reach 35% of GDP by 2020 under the Coalition’s plans. Many condemned ...


There is still slack in the labour market

19 February 2015 - Economy

Yesterday’s labour market figures showed that the employment rate of 16-64 year olds has now reached a record high of 73.2%. This is quite a remarkable achievement and if we’re being picky, it is actually slightly higher than in February 2005 which was the last time it reached this rate ...


Welfare Dependency and the Size of the State

15 February 2015 - Economy

At the Autumn Statement in December last year, the Chancellor outlined his plans to reach an absolute budget surplus by 2018/19. In its latest Economic and Fiscal Outlook, the OBR forecasts that under that plan for deficit reduction, public spending will reach 35.2% of GDP. The Labour party has strongly ...


Miliband wants another tax on pensions

04 February 2015 - Tax

At PMQs today, Ed Miliband attacked the Government for what he described as a tax loophole for hedge funds. This was quite a misleading way to describe a strategic tax cut to boost the investment management industry and ultimately make it easier to generate returns for most people’s pensions. It ...


Yes, the World is becoming a better place

02 February 2015 - Economy

In a recent debate I had with David Graeber, the anthropologist who apparently came up with the phrase “We are the 99 per cent”, I quoted official figures showing big falls in extreme poverty and rises in life expectancy. His response was predictable but nonetheless disappointing. “All these figures are ...


Risks to Growth: Eurozone, Productivity and Miliband

22 January 2015 -

Yesterday’s good labour market figures add to a sense of optimism about growth in 2015. Unemployment fell by 418,000 over the year to reach 5.8%, vacancies grew to 700,000 (the highest since 2001) and nominal wages grew by 1.7%. Meanwhile, E.ON, British Gas and Scottish Power have all announced cuts ...