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Adam joined the Centre for Policy Studies in January 2014, having previously been at the Conservative Research Department.

Risks to Growth: Eurozone, Productivity and Miliband

22 January 2015 -

Yesterday’s good labour market figures add to a sense of optimism about growth in 2015. Unemployment fell by 418,000 over the year to reach 5.8%, vacancies grew to 700,000 (the highest since 2001) and nominal wages grew by 1.7%. Meanwhile, E.ON, British Gas and Scottish Power have all announced cuts ...


Spending cuts are still necessary and feasible

15 January 2015 - Economy

Last week, Flip Chart Rick responded to a blog I wrote before Christmas arguing that the spending plans outlined by the OBR and the Chancellor at the Autumn Statement are both necessary and feasible. I argued that debt interest payments are rising too high and that there is still scope ...


Some errors in Labourís rebuttal dossier

13 January 2015 -

Last week’s release of the analysis of Labour spending pledges prompted the party to publish its own document in response. This new document inevitably contains a number of errors. In particular, it repeatedly confuses “millions” for “billions” in its costings on page 14.  Here are a few other examples: Page 1: ...


Labour's poster is plainly wrong

04 January 2015 - Economy

Labour’s new poster which claims that the Conservatives are planning “to cut spending on public services back to the levels of the 1930s” is objectively wrong. The OBR clearly states on page 148 of the Economic and Fiscal Outlook that day-to-day spending on public services in 2019/20 will be at ...


The Green attack on home ownership

19 December 2014 - Public Services

The Green run council in Brighton and Hove has voted to apply for an exemption from the Right to Buy policy. As I argued on the Today programme on Radio 4 this week with Bill Randall, the Chair of the Housing Committee of the council, this would be a terribly ...


3 more charts for Ed Miliband

18 December 2014 - Economy

Last week, Ed Miliband gave a speech outlining his response to the Chancellor’s Autumn Statement. It was an attempt to repair the damage caused by his disastrous conference speech and to reduce the Conservative lead in the polls for economic credibility.In his speech, Miliband accepted that deficit reduction was necessary for economic ...


8 myths about spending cuts

11 December 2014 - Economy

1. Spending cuts will take us back to the 1930sIn the immediate aftermath of the Autumn Statement, much of the criticism came from those decrying the fact that total public spending will be 35.2% of GDP by 2020. Mark Ferguson over on LabourList called it a “nightmare vision” which would take ...


Are the impending cuts colossal? Maybe. Essential? Yes

05 December 2014 - Economy

Over the last 18 months, the recovery has gained strength with economic growth accelerating and unemployment falling sharply. However the context in which the Chancellor delivered his Autumn Statement speech yesterday was far less rosy. Borrowing from April to October this year was £64.1 billion, an increase of £3.7 billion ...


Grand Bargain on Roaming is Possible

28 November 2014 - Economy

Mobile technology is essential for the British economy. It is right that universal mobile access should be recognised as a key part of national infrastructure. Calling and texting is now not only essential for business but also in everyday personal life. However these services are not guaranteed for people living ...


The Airbnb economy: A battle Britain must win

21 November 2014 - Economy

This article is taken from the CPS Economic Bulletin, written by Adam Memon, Jan Zeber and Tim Knox. To sign up for our weekly mailings, use the form on the left of our newsletter page.P2P Markets When Democratic New York Senator, Liz Kruger was asked in an interview why she is against her constituents using ...


Gordon Brown was right. Free Channel 4 from the State

20 November 2014 - Public Services

Yesterday evening, I attended a pre-screening of episode one of the new series of Channel 4’s documentary ‘Skint’. The series, which covers the lives of people living in quite difficult conditions in Grimsby, is due to air on Monday night and I heartily recommend watching it. Indeed, Channel 4 has ...


Ed Miliband's Relaunch: Zero Credibility, Zero Ideas

13 November 2014 - Politics

Ed Miliband’s latest leadership relaunch today was unfortunately devoid of any new ideas or credibility. His speech, based on the idea that Britain has become a zero-zero economy, shows that he understands neither poverty nor prosperity.Follow @CPSThinkTankMiliband’s proposals on the minimum wage and zero-hours ...


Why the Bank of England will be wrong again on wages

27 October 2014 - Economy

This article is taken from the CPS Economic Bulletin, written by Adam Memon and Tim Knox. To sign up for our weekly mailings, use the form on the left of our newsletter page.Out of all the major measures of economic performance, real wages have been one of the most important measures to ...


There is no magic money tree

21 October 2014 - Economy

“Britain needs a pay rise” according to a TUC march held on Saturday. It is certainly the case that there has been a painful squeeze in real wages across the economy. However, Saturday’s march was largely calling for increases in public sector pay rather than the productivity boosting changes to ...


8 questions for Chris Leslie on productivity

25 September 2014 - Economy

At the Labour Party Conference in Manchester, I took part in a panel debate on Labour’s approach to manufacturing and business more generally. The panel included Chris Leslie, Shadow Chief Secretary to the Treasury who talked about Britain’s weak productivity and the need to find ways to increase it in ...



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