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Adam joined the Centre for Policy Studies in January 2014, having previously been at the Conservative Research Department.

Why the Bank of England will be wrong again on wages

27 October 2014 - Economy

This article is taken from the CPS Economic Bulletin, written by Adam Memon and Tim Knox. To sign up for our weekly mailings, use the form on the left of our newsletter page.Out of all the major measures of economic performance, real wages have been one of the most important measures to ...


There is no magic money tree

21 October 2014 - Economy

“Britain needs a pay rise” according to a TUC march held on Saturday. It is certainly the case that there has been a painful squeeze in real wages across the economy. However, Saturday’s march was largely calling for increases in public sector pay rather than the productivity boosting changes to ...


8 questions for Chris Leslie on productivity

25 September 2014 - Economy

At the Labour Party Conference in Manchester, I took part in a panel debate on Labour’s approach to manufacturing and business more generally. The panel included Chris Leslie, Shadow Chief Secretary to the Treasury who talked about Britain’s weak productivity and the need to find ways to increase it in ...


DEFRA should be bold on water security

15 August 2014 - Environment

As a result of falling water levels and reduced quality, it is now no longer possible to think of water as a permanently and immediately available resource. In our latest Growth Bulletin, “Britain must act on water security”, we argued that DEFRA can increase UK water security through radical reforms ...


Lib Dem reversal on the 'bedroom tax' should worry welfare reform supporters

23 July 2014 - Economy

This article originally appeared in City A.M. on Thursday 17 July 2014. The Lib Dems announced yesterday that they are heavily watering down their support for the “bedroom tax” – or more accurately, the Under-Occupancy Charge. The policy cuts housing benefit payments by 14 per cent for households with one spare ...


Pay restraint now, performance pay next

09 July 2014 - Economy

Tomorrow, teachers and many others will strike in protest at the 1% cap on public sector pay rises. The strike will cause inconvenience for thousands of parents but ultimately the Government will hold the line on the pay growth cap. Given the fiscal situation, it is an unavoidable reality that ...


A bigger economy is good for the environment

02 July 2014 - Environment

One of the most interesting data sets in the Environmental Accounts published today by the ONS is one showing the intensity of carbon dioxide emissions ie the level of emissions per unit of economic output.In 1997, for every one million pounds of economic output, the UK emitted 610 tonnes (or ...


Boost innovation to grow productivity

01 July 2014 - Economy

The latest ONS figures released today unfortunately show another fall in labour productivity as output per hour fell by 0.1% over Q1 2014. As we expected in a previous Growth Bulletin, the small but positive growth in productivity in Q4 2013 has therefore proven to be a false dawn. As ...


Labour's alarming corporation tax pledge

30 June 2014 - Economy

In April next year, the corporation tax rate is due to fall to 20% and if Labour wins the next election, the party has promised to increase it to 21%. It is a harmful policy at odds with the academic literature, most businesses and Labour’s own business policy review.However, today Ed ...


Why 495 is the magic number...

27 May 2014 - Economy

In our latest Growth Bulletin, we argued next month’s labour market figures are likely to show a contraction in real wages in the year to April. Since then, the ONS inflation release showed that CPI in the year to April was 1.8% which is up from 1.6% in March. As ...


Coalition heading for difficult figures?

19 May 2014 - Economy

This article is an excerpt from our Growth Bulletin, authored by Adam Memon and Tim Knox. To read the full article, click here. To sign up for our mailings, use the form on the left of our newsletter page.Whilst this week’s labour market figures contained good news for employment, there are clear signs that the ...


Three own goals from Labour this morning

14 May 2014 - Economy

Labour issued a press release this morning claiming that new HMRC data shows the UK recovery is not working for most people. However, the HMRC data actually shows that in relative terms the poorest are better off now than last year.The share of post-tax income has increased for the bottom 50% ...


SuperEntrepreneurs v Piketty

02 May 2014 - Economy

Thomas Piketty’s book Capital in the Twenty-First Century which argues that capitalism is threatening democracy has become an Amazon bestseller and reached an audience most economists could only dream of. Piketty’s book serves as a rallying call for supporters of new, eye-wateringly high taxes on income and capital and it ...


Milibandís rent control wonít work

01 May 2014 - Economy

Ed Miliband will today announce a plan to introduce a form of rent control as part of his broader cost of living crisis message. Such a policy would be self-defeating as it would push up rents and hit young families and the poorest hardest. Labour wants to ban price rises above ...


8 factual errors by Polly Toynbee in our debate

30 April 2014 - Economy

On BBC News yesterday, I took part in a debate with Polly Toynbee on the latest GDP figures. Whilst at the CPS we don’t always agree with Polly’s stances, it was an absolute pleasure to meet her. She is a fair and formidable debater. Sometimes there are things we think ...



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