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Robert Colvile is Editor of CapX and Deputy Director of the CPS. He was previously head of comment at the Daily and Sunday Telegraph and news director at BuzzFeed UK, as well as an editor, columnist and leader writer with the Telegraph.

There is still no money left, so we should praise - not demonise - Theresa May for fiscal discipline

01 May 2017 - Economy

This piece was originally posted by the Telegraph. Yesterday, on The Andrew Marr Show, the presenter peppered Theresa May with questions about public spending. Don’t nurses deserve a pay rise? How can benefits continue to be cut? Why won’t she fund schools properly? Implicit in each was a request - almost a ...


Following Through with the Vision: Public Services in 2012

30 December 2011 - 2012 Policy Resolutions

In the thirteenth of the CPS' 'UK Policy Resolutions for 2012' series, CPS Research Fellow Robert Colvile explains the importance of public service reform in 2012. Yesterday, in the twelfth in the series, Ted Bromund provided lessons from US defence policy for the UK.""UK Policy ...



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