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Keith Boyfield is a leading economist and writer who specialises in marketing, competition and regulatory policy. He runs a City consultancy advising multi national companies, non profit organisations and media groups.  He has also served as a consultant to the European Commission.

Appointing a Pub Tsar

29 January 2014 - Politics

Calls for a statutory code for pubcos and a 'Pub Tsar' are another potentially damaging manifestation of politicians wanting to be seen to be doing something, writes CPS Research Fellow Keith Boyfield. MPs of all parties are demonstrating a new-found interest in being photographed at their local pub. What explains this ...


CPS 22 years ahead: how the Coalition (eventually) follows our proposals

13 July 2012 - Environment

Back in 1990, when Margaret Thatcher was still Prime Minister, the Centre for Policy Studies published a report outlining a radical new approach to maintaining and developing our canal inheritance. Entitled Pleasure & Profit from Canals: A New Plan for British Waterways this study recommended establishing Britain’s network of canals ...


What's being said at the IMF/World Bank Meeting

26 September 2011 - Economy

'Europe is bankrupt', says the governor of one leading central bank in the southern hemisphere, who I talked with at this year's World Bank/IMF Annual meeting here in Washington DC. The eurozone's crisis of confidence has alarmed the world's policy makers, most notably finance ministers and ...