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Tony Lodge is a political and energy analyst. He is a former Editor of the European Journal and a former Chief of Staff to the Shadow Attorney General and Shadow Secretary of State for Constitutional Affairs. He has written regularly in the national and international media and appeared on national TV and radio covering energy policy issues.

Policy blunders doomed the last mines

14 August 2015 - Energy

The Conservative Energy Secretary, Amber Rudd, has started well. For five years, the Lib Dems had run energy policy inside a Conservative-led coalition. It was a period which saw energy prices double and delivered some of the biggest and most damaging failures in energy policy for a generation.Changes to tackle ...


We need competition in rail, not 'super-monopolies'

09 February 2015 - Public Services

This article was originally posted on Conservative Home. For those of us who campaign for better services from the rail industry the announcement from the Competition and Markets Authority late last month was very welcome: “The CMA is to undertake a project to examine the scope for increasing competition in passenger rail ...


We need a Plan B... on energy policy

10 October 2013 - Energy

Tony Lodge is a leading energy analyst and a Research Fellow at the Centre for Policy Studies. Since 2007, he has consistently warned of the imminent energy crunch in his CPS papers including Clean Coal: a clean, secure and affordable alternative, Wind Chill: Why wind energy will not fill the UK’s energy gap, Step ...


Rail's Second Chance in East Coast Main Line debate

21 June 2013 - Public Services

Yesterday Parliament debated the East Coast Main Line. Many Labour MPs used the success of the ECML as an opportunity to advance their re-nationalisation agenda and attack privatisation. They did not acknowledge the findings of our report "Rail's Second Chance" that the ECML is one the few lines in the ...


Competition back on track with latest ORR report

14 June 2013 - Public Services

CPS Research Fellow Tony Lodge provides an update to his work on rail competition following his CPS report 'Rail’s Second Chance – putting competition back on track'.Rail was one of the most contentious of all the Tory privatisations.  How would it work?  Why split track from train?  Who would manage ...


Why the Chancellor must abandon the Carbon Price Support

21 November 2012 - Energy


  • It will penalise UK industry, and lose UK jobs and investment (particularly in manufacturing industry)
  • It will add £25 a year to average UK fuel bills and drive 30,000 to 60,000 households into fuel poverty
  • It will not have a significant impact on overall carbon emissions
The proposalThe UK is currently part of ...


Davey joins the table in the Coalition's gamble with UK energy policy

24 May 2012 - Energy

Writing in the early May edition of Liberal Democrat News the new Lib Dem Energy Secretary, Ed Davey, declared, “I was astonished to learn that we still get around a third of our electricity from coal and those power stations are coming to the end of their life, as are ...