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Matt Qvortrup

Matt Qvortrup teaches British politics and Constitution at UCL. He has previously been a visiting Professor at University of Sydney and a fellow at the London School of Economics.

The Scottish Referendum: Who won the first battle?

17 October 2012 - Constitution & Democracy

Referendums expert Matt Qvortrup of Cranfield University looks at the agreement for a Scottish independence referendum and questions which side has secured the advantage. All might be fair in love and war, but the same is not true in referendums. And the referendum in Scotland will be fought as much in ...


It's the Law: Why a referendum on Lords reform is constitutionally sound and desirable

07 March 2012 - Constitution & Democracy

It is 100 and-a-bit years after Lloyd George and Asquith curtailed the powers of the House of Lords. Back then the powers of the peers were reduced to a delaying power. Now - after several attempts by the previous government - the Coalition is trying to reform the Lords by ...


Multi-option Referendums: The Cases of Puerto Rico and Newfoundland

20 January 2012 - Constitution & Democracy

With the possibility of an in-out-devo max ballot on Scottish independence being discussed, CPS Research Fellow and expert on referendums Matt Qvortrup looks closer at multi-option referendums. Multi option referendums have often been discussed in relation to referendums on ethnic and national issues. There have been relatively high profile referendums with ...



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