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Jon Wilson

Jon is a Masters graduate in International Politics and was an intern at the Centre for Policy Studies.

In war, resolution; in defeat, defiance; in victory, magnanimity

22 August 2011 - Foreign Policy

CPS Intern Jon Wilson analyses the latest events from Libya and the lessons to be learned from the Iraqi post-war experience.“Today the guns are silent, a great tragedy has ended.” Those words spoken by another general on another battlefield in another time will hopefully ring true for Libya ...


Lessons from across the pond

03 August 2011 - Public Services

CPS Intern Jon Wilson examines why Britain’s US-inspired Defence and Security Review must learn additional lessons from the American system.Today’s scathing assault on last year’s Strategic Defence and Security Review (SDSR) by the Commons Defence Committee is the most recent of numerous attacks of the outcome ...


Fricitional Falklands: Reagan, Obama and inconsistent policy in the South Atlantic

04 July 2011 - Foreign Policy

The close relationship between President Reagan and Prime Minister Thatcher defined the 1980s. At this time the transatlantic relationship was at its strongest during the post-war period. Their similarities were many, but in foreign policy they were firmly united. This was aided by their mutual ...


NATO's Uncertain Future

20 June 2011 - Foreign Policy

Now maybe I still have a Cold War mentality (unlikely as I was born in 1988), but I feel that US Secretary of Defence Robert Gates’ resentful words on the future of NATO last week should be taken as a dire warning to the governments of the ...



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