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Illness as a career choice

12 September 2014 - Social Policy

The author is a physician with a practice in the North-West.It is vital that those suffering from disabling health conditions are well supported by the welfare system. However it is my belief that in some cases well-meaning welfare provisions can end up having severe unintended consequences.As a physician I have ...


The case for free-markets: look to history

26 June 2012 - History

In the current climate, it takes a brave person to make the case for real free-markets, as opposed to heavily government regulated economies.That's why Deirdre McCloskey's essay from a couple of weeks ago is such a refreshing read.McCloskey challenges what she calls the narrative of 'High-Liberalism' that has developed since ...


Happy birthday, Friedrich von Hayek

08 May 2012 - History

Today we celebrate the birthday of one the most important political and economic philosophers of the 20th century, Friedrich von Hayek. Born in Vienna, educated in Freiburg, Chicago and London, Hayek was one of the leading minds supporting the resurgence of classical liberalism. While Hayek’s work won him a Nobel ...


Congratulations to Nick Clegg on more employee ownership

16 January 2012 - Economy

This morning’s speech by Nick Clegg argued for a more ‘liberal capitalism’, to share the successes and benefits amongst many rather than the few. He rightly highlighted the 1980s as a decade of private shareholders and suggested this decade we should encourage employee share ownership. He further argued that employee ...


The Conservative Euro revolt: 10 points to note

25 October 2011 - Constitution & Democracy

Professor Philip Cowley and Mark Stuart, of the University of Nottingham, guest blog and put last night’s rebellion in a historic context.  Oh happy days. Just when we think we’re getting a bit tired of doing this rebellions lark, along comes something like Monday’s Euro rebellion.  We knew it would be ...


Inter-state aiding

18 August 2011 - General

CPS Intern Rupert Eyles reacts to the news that India has set up its own aid agency.This week, India has proposed to set up its own aid agency to distribute $11 billion over the next five to seven years. This despite the fact that according to the ...


Brussels has been splashing the cash in the States

09 August 2011 - Foreign Policy

CPS Intern Rupert Eyles reviews a Heritage Foundation report into EU advocacy in the US.In May of this year, Sally McNamara from the American Heritage Foundation released a report investigating EU advocacy in the United States. Using the European Commission’s Financial Transparency System (FTS), her report showed ...


Our fiscal dilemma: is this Parliament the beginning of the end, or the end of the beginning?

15 July 2011 - Economy

CPS Interns George Bullard and Priyanka Surya welcome the OBR's Fiscal Sustainability Report Last month, George Osborne assured the House of Commons that the UK’s deficit reduction remained ‘on track’ and that the government was on course to meet its fiscal mandate (see graph below). Figures showed a ...


Sense and sense of liberty: why we need a free press

08 July 2011 - Constitution & Democracy

Our intern, Tom Waters, signs off his time with the CPS by explaining why Hugh Grant is wrong to call for more press regulationLast night, Question Time saw 55 minutes of its one hour schedule taken up by a single issue: the News of the World. The panel ...


The real role for government in the phone-hacking scandal is to ensure people's privacy

07 July 2011 - Constitution & Democracy

Our intern Tom Waters dicusses the News of the World phone-hacking scandal The phone hacking case of Milly Dowler has added a whole new dimension to the long-running saga. There is no doubt that the scrutiny now afforded to the issue will result in hourly new cases and ...


Thatcher and Reagan: The radical economics at the heart of their relationship

04 July 2011 - Economy

Centre for Policy Studies intern Tom Waters writes on the economic foundations of the Thatcher-Reagan relationship.Aside from their excellent personal relationship, Thatcher and Reagan are commonly renowned for their revolutionary economic policies. They faced similar difficulties upon their first electoral victories, in 1979 and 1980; inflation was ...


Why more preferences are not more representative

15 April 2011 - Constitution & Democracy

The main selling point of the AV system has been that it is possible to name multiple preferences. The idea that AV offers 'fairer votes' is born out of the intuition that under first-past-the-post, results in marginal constituencies under-represent the preferences of the candidate placed second, ...


Change for the better: The end of EMA

05 April 2011 - Public Services

uest blog from our current intern, Thomas BusbyFor those not up-to-date with your further education-related news, the current system of grants to students aged 16-19, the Education Maintenance Allowance (EMA), is to be cut by the Coalition government.  Education Secretary Michael Gove announced last week that ...


Why care for Budget day curiousity?

22 March 2011 - Economy

Post by David Gibson Budget Day is a curious old thing. Like much of parliamentary business, it is essentially just another tradition accompanied by some peculiar formalities. Take for example, the obligatory cheesy photo-op as the proud Chancellor thrusts high his red box of joy to the ...


Library closures and politics today

16 March 2011 - Public Services

The outrage in reaction to planned library closures has highlighted a great problem with politics today: the tendency to polarise debate into two opposed camps with no middle ground in between.When many councils responded to cuts by proposing to close some libraries, critics adopted wildly exaggerated ...