Charlie Elphicke

Charlie Elphicke is the Member of Parliament for Dover and Deal. CPS papers authored by Charlie include Ending Pensioner Poverty (2003); SAINTS can get Britain saving again(2005); with William Norton, The Case for Reducing Business Taxes (2006);The tax double whammy: more tax costs more than you think (2006); Robin Hood or Sheriff of Nottingham? Winners and losers from tax and benefit reform over the last 10 years (2006);  Where has your pay rise gone? (2006); Are you better off now than you were four years ago? (2007); Why do we feel so broke?(2008); Uh-Oh, We're In Trouble (2008) and A House Divided (2009).

Charlie is a frequent commentator in the national press and broadcast media on pensions, the impact of high taxes on households - particularly the least well off - and economic policy.


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