Head of Economic Research

We are looking for a brilliant economist to lead our important and influential work in Westminster.

Working under the Director of the CPS, the Head of Economics will prepare papers with detailed policy recommendations based on the core principles of the CPS, draft a fortnightly topical economic bulletin and promote the work of the Centre for Policy Studies both within Westminster and in print, broadcast and social media.

The right applicant will need to be brilliant, highly economically-literate, broadly onside ideologically with the Centre for Policy Studies, coherent, persuasive and imaginative, working as part of a small team.

This is very much a position for someone who does not need nannying but can get on with things. There is plenty of opportunity to make one’s own mark, establish a prominent role in Westminster and the media and to advance rapidly.

Please send a CV to

Closing date: 09/10/2015.

Salary: £25,000 to £40,000.

Location: Westminster, London.


Regrettably, CPS is not accepting applications at the moment. Check back soon for updates.