Economic Research Internships 

We are currently recruiting interns for a 6 week period starting immediately. We recruit interns throughout the year.

Interns can expect to be involved in a range of economic research activities. We are looking for candidates with strong analytical, quantitative and writing skills.

If you would be interested in applying for a volunteer internship at the Centre for Policy Studies please email your CV and a short cover letter to Please also indicate your dates of availability in your email.

Due to a high volume of interest please note that we are only able to respond to short listed candidates for all roles. 

CapX News Internships 

The nature of CapX lends itself to a number of different roles, meaning that there is a very broad scope for an intern to take on work that is best suited to them. Likely tasks include:

* Reading articles from a range of international sources (both news and academic) and summarising them clearly and accurately in 50-60 words

* Writing Need To Know briefings about current events (e.g. "5 things you need to know about how the TPIP trade deal will benefit European businesses")

* Writing exclusive articles, preferably on issues that are currently in the news

* Managing social media, primarily our twitter and facebook

* Assisting with picture editing, including helping to migrate existing content from old site to new by reformatting the pictures, and organising and tagging images

Applicants should have the following key skills:

* Ability to write clearly and concisely. We do not require a formal qualifications in journalism, but some writing experience is required (work experience, student paper etc.). A big part of the role will be summarising, so the ability to read an article quickly and bring out the key points in a way that is easy to understand is essential. 

* A proven interest in international current affairs. CapX is a news and comment site for popular capitalism, and we need someone who is interested in this! A lot of what we write about is tax law, trade deals, economics and business news, and there is no point having someone who is bored by these topics. In particular, we would welcome an intern with a good understanding of global economic policy and current events. Specific knowledge isn't necessary, but enthusiasm and interest really is.

* A working knowledge of economics. We do not require an Economics degree or similar. However, being able to pick up the ideas from economic articles and write summaries is a big part of the role. This is a skill that can definitely be developed over time, but an understanding of at least the basic concepts (supply and demand, inflation, employment etc.) is essential. 

This is an exciting time to work with CapX, and there will be lots of opportunity to focus on preferred areas. We are a small and dynamic team, and fresh challenges and projects come up daily. We are looking for people who are above all enthusiastic, ready to learn, and who can bring their own ideas to the table. 

CapX interns will receive travel expenses for the London area. While the role is unpaid, interns will have the chance to see their articles published on our site and promoted across our media platforms. 

If you would be interested in applying for an internship at CapX please email your CV and a short cover letter to Please also indicate your dates of availability in your email.


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