The videos below have been taken from various events and are also available to view at YouTube logo

Ken Clarke : "Kind of Blue" at the Centre for Policy Studies

The wealth and poverty of nations? Approaches to global inequality

Keeping the lights on - CPS at Conservative Party conference 2016

Is Fibre good for you: Building broadband that is fit for purpose

Paul Johnson - CPS/1900 Club Lecture 2016

Matt Hancock MP: Keith Joseph Memorial Lecture 2016

George Osborne MP - CPS Margaret Thatcher Lecture 2016

Eutopia - Romantic and Right

Tom Bower on Tony Blair: Broken Vows at the Centre for Policy Studies

Matthew Elliott - 2015 CPS/1900 Club Lecture

Where Next for the Northern Powerhouse?

Britain's Got Competitiveness - #CPC15

John Howard - CPS Keith Joseph Memorial Lecture 2015

Dr Eliza Filby - God and Mrs Thatcher

Real Finnish Lessons: Tim Oates in conversation with Gabriel Heller Sahlgren


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