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New Generation

The “New Generation” project will become the main focus of the Centre for Policy Studies’ work. The aim is give a fresh cohort of Conservative MPs and other new voices the chance to set out their priorities – to develop the ideas and policies that can drive the country forward in the years to come. We will concentrate on the issues that are of most concern to voters, and on solutions that can make a real difference to their lives, with themes including:

The Property-Owning Democracy. How can we fix the planning system, improve our housing stock, and thereby give young people a stake in the system?

Baking a Bigger Cake. How can we raise the rate of growth, and make Britain as business-friendly as possible?

Competition is King. How can we create genuine competition in a world of corporate consolidation and cartel capitalism?

Education, Education, Education. How can we teach children the skills they need in a digital world, and produce the workers that businesses need? And should we adjust the education system for a world of constant disruption?

Sustainable Public Services. How can we put the NHS, benefits and public pensions on a sustainable footing over the coming decades, and cope with the demands of an ageing population while protecting the most vulnerable?

Facing the Future. How can the arguments we made in the 1970s be adapted to the challenges of tomorrow? And how can we position Britain to take maximum advantage of these technological shifts?

The project will be driven by a series of policy papers, each written or co-written by MPs from the 2015 or 2017 intakes or other fresh voices. The Centre for Policy Studies will provide research support, editorial assistance, and the maximum amount of publicity – not least via its CapX website.

In addition, we will hold a series of conferences or round-table discussions on individual policy areas, featuring the authors of the various papers as well as other MPs and opinion-formers.