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In the June issue of Coal News, Tony Lodge explains why the UK’s dash for gas may be a poor solution in the long term.

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CPS energy philosphy

The CPS believes in an energy policy firmly rooted in economic reality – advocating a reliability of supply and cost effective provision. The UK faces an energy gap: many coal and nuclear plants are being decommissioned, and we are shifting towards intermittent and often inefficient energy resources. Our recent publications have therefore highlighted the need for a mix of nuclear, clean coal and efficient renewable supplies. We have warned against an over-reliance on wind and gas imports, due to reliability, price and security concerns.

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Comment and analysis

Picture of Tony LodgeDavid Cameron should defy European directives and keep our coal-fired power stations running

Tony Lodge writes the lead letter in The Guardian, asking David Cameron to act in the national interest and keep the UK's coal-fired and oil-fired power stations running.


As high costs force Centrica to pull out of new projects, can nuclear power ever be profitable?

Tony Lodge writes in City AM, arguing that nuclear power can be profitablek, and can be built and operated without the need for government subsidies.


Photograph of powerstation

Cost is key in the Coalition's brave decision to fire up nuclear energy

Tony Lodge writes in City AM, welcoming John Hayes’s suggestion that the Government would stop subsidising inefficient onshore wind-farms and setting out the criteria for a successful approach to nuclear power.



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Clean Coal


CPS Research Fellow Tony Lodge takes part in a University of Westminster debate on energy security.  


CPS Research Fellow Tony Lodge highlights why George Osborne made a mistake in not using his Autumn Statement to abandon plans for a unilateral carbon price floor.



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