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Global Commission on Drug Policy statistics – wrong and misleading

Were Kofi Annan and the other signatories to the Global Commission on Drugs Policy Report misled by the Report’s exaggerated claim of rising global drug use?  This is the question asked by Kathy Gyngell in ‘Misleading and irresponsible drug prevalence statistics’, a new CPS Factsheet....

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CPS prisons and addiction philosphy

The CPS' Prison and Addiction policy area provides an independent forum of debate about drugs policy for academics, practitioners, psychiatrists, and specialist commentators.

The CPS aims to examine and compare both drug policy and addiction treatment here and in Europe - identifying the reforms required in the UK to get our drug problem under control, to prevent drug use and to offer substance abusers the help and necessary care to combat their abuse.

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Drugs treatment photographKey to Addiction

Kathy Gyngell writes in The Daily Telegraph, explaining how she feels families are the solution to addiction rather than government intervention.


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The coalition's inability to review the IDTS prison methodone programme is fundamentally wrong

Kathy Gyngell writes in The Daily Mail, and expresses her opposition to the Government's IDTS prison methodone programme, arguing that it does more harm than good.



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Kathy Gyngell interviewed on BBC about methadone use


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