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Troops in our schools will do more than troops on our streets

Tom Burkard and Captain Affan Burki outline their plans for a free school in Greater Manchester, staffed entirely by ex-military personnel.


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CPS public services philosphy

The CPS advocates greater choice and diversity of provision, opening up state monopolies to new providers and putting greater power and responsibility in the hands of parents and patients.

The CPS believes that the information revolution should be used to empower the individual and to engender competition. They should, for example, be able to compare the performance of different schools, hospitals and police forces. What should be avoided is the alternative: the drift towards greater centralisation of personal data in state-run databases.

The Centre desires a model of freedom for public services, which transfers accountability away from the centre to the local level. Local professionals should be trusted to do their jobs; and citizens should be trusted to hold them to account. Central targets, regulations and quangos can then be cut and eliminated, thereby reducing the cost of government and improving services on the ground.

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Comment and analysis

Teach First logoOn the teaching of history, Michael Gove is right

CPS board member Professor Niall Ferguson writes for the Guardian on the new national curriculum released by Education Secretary Michael Grove, and how the subject of history has been improved.



Photograph of Liam MaxwellWhy the NHS Keeps Failing Britain

CPS research fellow Rupert Darwall writes for the Wall Street Journal on the state of the NHS, and how it needs to be improved in the wake of the Francis Inquiry.



Higher Education imageThe real problem destroying the NHS? Jobsworths who want to please politicians more than patients

CPS research fellow Harriet Sergeant discusses the points made by the Francis Inquiry in the wake of the failings at Stafford Hospital, a subject which she first looked at in her 2003 CPS report, 'Managing not to Manage: Management in the NHS.'



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Photograph of soldier


Just after last year’s general election, the CPS asked a range of MPs their views on whether the Conservatives were right to protect NHS spending.