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The underlying causes of the riots

CPS Research Fellow Harriet Sergeant’s substantial research into London’s gang culture gave her an insight into the potential for the August 2011 riots.



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CPS social policy philosphy

The CPS believes that families and communities are at the heart of society.

A range of international studies have shown the benefits that strong families have in terms of happiness, child development, reducing crime and social cohesion. The UK’s fiscal system should therefore not penalise two-couple families. Furthermore, state intervention in family life should focus on protection of vulnerable children; it should not extend to managing their day-to-day lives and removing responsibility and judgment from parents.

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Photograph of hospital bedThe secret courts bill won't enhance justice or make us more secure

CPS director Tim Knox writes for The Spectator, looking at the Justice and Security Bill. It has been argued by Anthony Peto QC and Andrew Tyrie MP in the CPS report, 'Neither Just nor Secure', that it would risk prejudicing both Britain's system of open justice and moral standing in the world.


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But why pick on mothers who stay at home?

CPS Research Fellow Kathy Gyngell writes for The Daily Mail, looking at the Government's new child benefit policy and its detrimental effects on stay-at-home mothers.


Why's the state obsessed with subsiding childcare when most mothers of young children want to stay at home?

CPS Research Fellow Kathy Gyngell, writing in The Daily Mail, takes issue with Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg, who wishes to subsidise childcare costs for working mothers.



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In a recent lecture given at the CPS, Immigration minister Damian Green outlined how the Coalition hopes to tackle the problem of sham marriages.


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