Are We Heading for Blackout Britain?

  • Policy on renewables will on average cost households £466 a year by 2020. Costs may increase due to subsidy caps being breached.

  • EU legislation has closed 12 GW of baseload capacity since 2012. UK winter margins are now 0.1% without emergency measures.

  • The Capacity Market has failed to attract new gas fired power stations. New gas plant equated to just 10% of the Capacity Market’s gas contracts.

  • Low wind, unplanned nuclear closures, an interconnector outage and high energy demand led to prices spiking from £40/MWh to £999/MWh on 14 September.

  • The UK is depending on growing foreign imports of electricity, which have risen by 30% in two years. National Grid’s role in this must be examined.

  • Following the abolition of DECC, a new Energy Bill is needed to prioritise costs, competitiveness and security of supply. 

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Are We Heading for Blackout Britain?


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