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Who are we

I do think we have accomplished the revival of the philosophy and principles of a free society, and the acceptance of it. And that is absolutely the thing that I live for. History will accord a very great place to Keith Joseph in that accomplishment. A tremendous place because he was imbued by this passion too. We set up the Centre for Policy Studies, and it has propagated those ideas, and they have been accepted.

Margaret Thatcher, 1979

CPS philosophy

The Centre for Policy Studies believes in freedom and responsibility. One of Britain’s best known and most respected think tanks, the Centre develops and promotes policies to limit the role of the state, to encourage enterprise and to enable the institutions of society – such as families and voluntary organisations - to flourish.

The Centre was founded by Sir Keith Joseph and Margaret Thatcher in 1974 to promote the principles of a free society and has since played a global role in the dissemination of free market economics. Its role in developing the policies of privatisation, low-tax government and support for the family, is recognised across the world.

Independent of all political parties and special interest groups, the Centre is a non-profit-making organisation which relies on the donations of individuals and companies to carry out its work. To support our work, or to become an Associate Member, please click here..

Our History

The CPS has a proud history of shaping the political debate in British politics.
A timeline of the major successes of the CPS and key political events of the era has also been compiled to celebrate our 35th anniversary.



The Centre for Policy Studies releases regular publications from respected authors designed to influence and shape the political debate.

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