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George Osborne sets out the Coalition government's plans to raise the personal allowance to take minimum wage earners out of income tax altogether, as proposed by Maurice Saatchi in his 2001 paper 'Poor People, Stop Paying Taxes!'.


September: "Guilty Men" published. A fascinating account of the Euro debate and the vindication of those who argued against it.


October: Automatic Enrolment, first proposed by the CPS, comes into force.


May: General election leads to a Conservative majority government.


June: "Eutopia" published. Lord Saatchi argues Britain should "prepare to take its rightful place as the leader of Europe".

July: UK votes to leave the European Union.

November: "Free Ports Opportunity" paper published, widely discussed in the media and the Cabinet.


February: Lord Saatchi argues for the formation of a Royal Commission on the NHS, "An NHS Royal Commission: From fighting fires to lasting settlement".

June: Theresa May calls a snap election. Conservatives lose their majority and do a deal with the DUP.

November: CPS launches the 'New Generation' initative launched by Amber Rudd, Home Secretary.