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Speeches and publications

Photograph of Keith JosephKeith Joseph at the CPS

Stranded on the Middle Ground? (1976)

A collection of some of Keith Joseph’s key speeches and articles undertaken between 1974 and 1976, including ‘Inflation: the climate of opinion is changing’, ‘The quest for common ground’, ‘Government spending generates unemployment’, ‘Economic Consequences of the Social Contract’, ‘Recovery without inflation’, ‘Moral and material benefits of the market order’ and ‘The humanity of capitalism’ and ‘Equality: An Argument Against’.

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Monetarism is Not Enough (Stockton Lecture, 1976)

“By itself, the strict and unflinching control of the money supply, though essential, is not enough. We must also have substantial cuts in tax and public spending and bold incentives and encouragements to the wealth creators, without whose renewed efforts we shall all grow poorer.”


Conditions for Fuller Employment (1978)

“Jobs are seen as flowing from the government, not from individual initiatives and effort. This is totally to misunderstand the truth.”

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Rewards of Parenthood (1990)

Called for a re-examination of the disadvantages suffered by mothers who choose to stay at home when their children are young.

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The Importance of Parenting (1991)

Argued that the upbringing of children deserved greater priority, for the sake of all our futures.

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Photograph of Keith Joseph

Margaret Thatcher at the CPS

Political Office or Political Power? 1977

Foreword to John Biffen’s CPS pamphlet

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Aims of Industry National Free Enterprise Award (1984)

Speech receiving award

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Centre for Policy Studies (AGM 1988)

Speech to the CPS

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Centre for Policy Studies (AGM 1991)

Speech to the CPS

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All Souls commemoration 1995

Speech of tribute to Keith Joseph

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The Path to Power (1995)

Speech at National Press Club

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Liberty and Limited Government (1996)

Keith Joseph Memorial Lecture

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