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Our Team

Robert Colvile

Director and CapX Editor-in-Chief

Robert Colvile is Director of the CPS and Editor-in-Chief of CapX. He was previously head of comment at the Daily and Sunday Telegraph and news director at BuzzFeed UK, as well as an editor, columnist and leader writer with the Telegraph.

Jenny Nicholson

Deputy Chairman

Jenny Nicholson is Deputy Chairman with responsibility for personnel management and financial matters. She is also Company Secretary and Secretary of the Associate membership scheme.

Alex Morton

Head of Policy

Alex is Head of Policy at the CPS, overseeing our internal policy work. He was previously a Director at Field Consulting, but before that was responsible for housing and planning in the No 10 Policy Unit, including working on key policies in the 2015 manifesto. He was previously Head of Housing at Policy Exchange.

Tom Clougherty

Head of Tax

Tom is Head of Tax at the CPS. He was previously executive director of the Adam Smith Institute, before moving to the US to become managing editor at the Reason Foundation, and then a senior editor at the Cato Institute, the leading Washington think-tank.

Nick King

Head of Business

Nick King is Head of Business at the Centre for Policy Studies. Previously he was lead policy adviser to Sajid Javid from 2012-2017.

Graham Edwards

Chairman, Housing Policy Group

Graham co-founded Telereal, now Telereal Trillium (TT), in 2000 and was Chief Executive from then until becoming Executive Chairman in April 2018. He is developing new policies to promote home ownership.

James Heywood

Senior Researcher

James joined the Centre for Policy Studies in March 2018 as a Senior Researcher. He previously worked as a Senior Parliamentary Adviser on Treasury issues for the Conservative parliamentary party. James is a graduate of Magdalen College, Oxford and a former president of Oxford University Conservatives.

Conor Walsh


Conor Walsh is a Researcher at the Centre for Policy Studies, having previously taught Economics at a sixth form college for four years.

Callum Price

Events Manager

Callum Price is Events Manager at the Centre for Policy Studies. Before starting at the CPS he was a Philosophy and Politics student at the University of Glasgow and has spent time with the Taxpayers’ Alliance and the Institute of Economic Affairs. 

Emma Barr

Head of Communications

Emma Barr is Head of Communications at the CPS. She previously worked in the Media team at Conservative Campaign Headquarters and as a Senior Researcher in Parliament.

Emma Revell

Communications Officer

Emma joined the Centre for Policy Studies in January 2017 and is responsible for promoting our publications and events. Prior to joining the CPS, Emma worked as a Development Officer with a not-for-profit social care organisation.

Bryony Thorogood

Operations Manager

Bryony Thorogood is Operations Manager at the CPS and is responsible for the day-to-day running of the office. She graduated from Cardiff University with a degree in Criminology & Social Policy before working for her local council.

Jethro Elsden

Data Analyst

Jethro joined the Centre for Policy Studies in May 2018 as a Data Analyst. Prior to that he spent time at the Tax Payers’ Alliance and worked in a tech start up. 

Gareth Milner

Head of Digital

Gareth Milner is Head of Digital at the CPS, previously working as Head of Media Monitoring at Conservative Campaign Headquarters.

Camille Cross

Development Officer

Camille Cross is the Development Officer at the Centre for Policy Studies. Before moving to London she completed a Bachelor of Commerce at the University of Notre Dame, Australia.