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Eamonn Ives

Environment Researcher

Eamonn Ives joined the Centre for Policy Studies in November 2018 and specialises in energy and environmental policy. He also sits on the advisory board of Climate Assembly UK, and previously worked as a Researcher for Bright Blue, where he authored five publications.

Eamonn adopts a techno-optimist approach to environmental issues, grounded in laissez faire economics twinned with proportionate government intervention to overcome challenges such as climate change, air pollution, and resource use. He is also interested in transport policy, urbanism, and innovation.

Eamonn frequently writes comment articles, and has featured in CapX, ConservativeHomeCityAMReaction, Telegraph RefreshHuffPostThe Independent, and The Times Red Box.

You can follow Eamonn on Twitter @eamonnives.

Eamonn Ives