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James Heywood

Senior Researcher

James joined the Centre for Policy Studies in March 2018 as a Senior Researcher. He previously worked as a Senior Parliamentary Adviser on Treasury and Work and Pensions issues for the Conservative parliamentary party. In his work at the CPS, James has specialised in policy research on tax and welfare, housing and social care. He has contributed to a number of major policy reports on housing, including From Rent to Own, with a particular focus on increasing rates of home ownership.

His work on tax and welfare has been concerned with improving work incentives for the lowest paid, lifting the poorest out of tax, and tackling in-work poverty. He has led the CPS’s research work on reform of the social care system, working with Rt Hon Damian Green MP on a major report on the subject.

James is a graduate of Magdalen College, Oxford and a former president of Oxford University Conservatives.

James Heywood