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Blogs by Dominic Raab

  • Reviving Young Apprenticeships

    Reviving Young Apprenticeships

    | 2013 Policy Resolutions
    In the lead up to the new year, six authors connected with the CPS will outline a policy resolution they would like to see adopted by the government in 2013. Today, Dominic Raab MP talks about reviving the Young Apprenticeship programme polited under Labour. Yesterday, Lord Flight wrote about funding for ...
  • Delivering Employment Law Reform in 2012

    Delivering Employment Law Reform in 2012

    | 2012 Policy Resolutions
    In the third of the CPS' 'UK Policy Resolutions for 2012' series, Dominic Raab, MP for Esher and Walton, looks at regulatory reforms that will create jobs in the coming year. This morning, in the second in the series, Dr. Tim Morgan of Tullett Prebon argued for a further increase ...