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Blogs by Adam Memon

Adam joined the Centre for Policy Studies as Head of Economic Research in January 2014. 

  • Thatcherism lives on

    Thatcherism lives on

    | Politics
    In her speech to the Conservative Party Conference in 1986, Margaret Thatcher said:“From France to the Philippines, from Jamaica to Japan, from Malaysia to Mexico, from Sri Lanka to Singapore...The policies we have pioneered are catching on in country after country. We Conservatives believe in popular capitalism—believe in a property-owning ...
  • Jobs before wind farms

    Jobs before wind farms

    | Economy
    All of us feel a moral duty to protect our environment for the benefit of future generations.  As Paul Goodman on ConservativeHome wrote, our presumption is to conserve “clean water, clear air, green fields, productive farming, beautiful landscape, fine architecture and the variety and opulence of the animal world around ...
  • What happened to the Twin Deficit Hypothesis?

    What happened to the Twin Deficit Hypothesis?

    | Economy
    The UK current account deficit was 4.4% of GDP at current market prices in 2013, according to ONS figures released last week. This was an increase on the deficit of 3.8% of GDP in 2012, and whilst the deficit in trade in goods and services improved to 1.6% from 2.1% ...
  • Housing benefit reform is working

    Housing benefit reform is working

    | Economy
    On Friday, research carried out by the BBC estimated that 6% of the approximately 500,000 social housing tenants subject to the under-occupancy charge have moved house. Let’s be totally clear what this means; social housing tenants of working age with a spare bedroom beyond their requirements face a 14% reduction ...
  • Labour is being left behind

    Labour is being left behind

    | Economy
    Today’s inflation figures show a welcome easing of price pressures. CPI fell to 1.7% in the year to February from 1.9% in January with the largest contribution to the fall coming from motor fuels. RPI fell to 2.7% from 2.8%, CPIH which is consumer price inflation that includes owner occupiers’ ...
  • A Norma Desmond Budget?

    A Norma Desmond Budget?

    | Economy
    This article is an excerpt from our fortnightly Growth Bulletin, written by Adam Memon and Tim Knox. To read the full article, click here. To sign up for our mailings, use the form on the left of our newsletter page.Norma Desmond’s retort in Sunset Boulevard (“You used to be in silent pictures. You ...
  • A welcome and Thatcherite times. More please!

    A welcome and Thatcherite times. More please!

    | Economy
    Today the Chancellor needed to carry out pro-growth supply side reforms as well as ease the burden on lower and middle income households whilst keeping to the programme of deficit reduction. To a surprisingly large extent, because of the radical savings and pension reform, more income tax cuts and boost ...
  • Budget: 101 policies to boost productivity

    Budget: 101 policies to boost productivity

    | Economy
    In the Budget tomorrow, the Chancellor will aim to carry out pro-growth reforms and ease the burden on households at the same time as sticking to the fiscal framework of deficit reduction that he has previously announced. It is therefore essential that he implements policies to improve the UK’s weak ...
  • Miliband is fully committed to ever closer union

    Miliband is fully committed to ever closer union

    | Europe
    So Ed Miliband claims in the FT today that he is against ever close union. He also says that if there is a future Treaty change which leads to a new transfer of power from Britain to the EU, then he will hold an IN/OUT referendum on our EU membership.One ...
  • Mothers should be free to choose

    Mothers should be free to choose

    | Economy
    International Women’s Day on Saturday was an excellent reminder of some of the horrors still inflicted on women and girls throughout the world. Whilst the situation has improved, globally women are still treated as second-class citizens in issues ranging from child marriage to discrimination in the workplace. Even in our ...
  • Moral relativism feeds extremism

    Moral relativism feeds extremism

    | Culture
    In his recent column, Boris Johnson makes the point that moral relativism abandons children to the clutches of extremism. He is right.When angry crowds marched through Dhaka last May, we might have assumed that they were protesting against pervasive corruption or were demanding economic reforms after a building collapse disaster ...
  • Don't tax my biscuits

    Don't tax my biscuits

    In the last few days, we have seen a renewed call for taxes to reduce the consumption of sugar. However, such so-called fat taxes have in the past proven utterly ineffective and highly regressive. Indeed, Denmark’s ill-fated attempt at a fat tax was so astonishingly awful that even their current ...
  • Business rates need radical reform

    Business rates need radical reform

    | Economy
    Yesterday, MPs on the Business Innovation and Skills Committee called for a complete overhaul of the business rates system. They are absolutely right. The current system of business rates is unfair, inefficient and in need of radical reform.Business rates are taxes which are levied on the estimated market rental value ...
  • 9 reasons the Lib Dems are wrong on school meals

    9 reasons the Lib Dems are wrong on school meals

    | Politics
    Reports earlier this year about problems with the Lib Dem policy of providing taxpayer funded school meals for all children aged 5-7 have highlighted further issues with the idea. The policy is due to begin later this year but here are 9 more problems.
      Disproportionately benefits children from families with higher ...
  • Productivity is Key to Securing the UK's Economic Recovery

    Productivity is Key to Securing the UK's Economic Recovery

    | Economy
    Yesterday saw the release of another good set of jobs figures. Employment rose and youth unemployment and long term unemployment fell. Nevertheless, to secure the recovery and generate sustainable real wage rises, we need to break the decade long stagnation in productivity which is holding back our economy.We can effectively ...