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Blogs by Madeleine Thornton

  • Eurozone structural reforms: a follow up

    Eurozone structural reforms: a follow up

    | Economy
    PortugalPortuguese austerity measures are ticking all of the right boxes: real GDP growth is forecast to be 1.5% for 2015 and 1.7% a year 2016-2019, the Government are repaying their loans ahead of schedule and the authorities’ short-term macroeconomic projections are in keeping with The European Commission’s 2015 spring forecast. ...
  • Progress on Eurozone structural reforms

    Progress on Eurozone structural reforms

    | Europe
    The Eurozone crisis has given the EU a near impossible task: to identify a common interest among a set of increasingly heterogeneous nation states. Consequently, the economic union that the EU so desperately tries to promote is fragmenting: the UK electorate has called for an EU referendum and German taxpayers ...
  • China's structural weaknesses

    China's structural weaknesses

    | Economy
    As the world’s second largest economy and the contributor of 15% of global GDP, the volume of discussion surrounding China’s market meltdown is warranted. With stocks down 8.5%, the Shanghai Composite’s worst single-day fall in since 2008, waves of uncertainty are rippling across the globe: the Japanese Nikkei fell by ...