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Lord Saatchi is the author of The War of Independence, 1999; Happiness Can’t Buy Money, 1999; The Bad Samaritan, 2000; Poor People! Stop Paying Tax!, 2001; The Science of Politics, 2001; If this is Conservatism, I am a Conservative, 2005, and In Praise of Ideology, 2006, The Sleeping Beauty of America in 2007 and The Myth of Inflation Targeting, 2009, Enemy of the People in 2008, and The Road from Serfdom in 2014. 

  • The Tories must find a moral message or die

    The Tories must find a moral message or die

    | Politics
    Oxford University issues the following guidance to prospective candidates: “Be honest with yourself and what has inspired you.” It pains me to say it, but the Conservative Party, of which I was once chairman, has lost touch with that essential message.We are in a muddle about what we offer. We ...