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Blogs by Jenny Nicholson

Jenny Nicholson is former Deputy Chairman of the CPS.

  • Macron v Le Pen: ‘Conversations dans le Parc Monceau’

    Macron v Le Pen: ‘Conversations dans le Parc Monceau’

    | Politics
    ‘Catastrophic’ was the unsurprising verdict of those I spoke to on the afternoon of the first round of the French elections in Parc Monceau with Honor Bishop, the 10 year old daughter of friends I was staying with in Paris, if Marine Le Pen won the second round of the ...
  • Europe or Bust? My recollections of the 1975 referendum

    Europe or Bust? My recollections of the 1975 referendum

    | EU Referendum
    In 1975 I was involved in a non-political campaign to underline the “exciting advantages of the Britain’s continuing EEC membership”.  People for Europe appealed to those “unlikely to be inspired or impressed by politicians”.  “It will involve all kinds of other people – many of them famous, lots of them ...
  • My Myanmar Days

    My Myanmar Days

    | Culture
    Deputy Director, Jenny Nicholson, reports on a recent trip to Myanmar.Will Aung San Suu Kyi become President? That is the question on everyone’s mind. Aung San Suu Kyi is barred from the presidency as she has foreign children. Negotiations are taking place with the Chief of Staff for the change ...
  • Memories of Lady Thatcher

    Memories of Lady Thatcher

    | Politics
    CPS Deputy Director Jenny Nicholson writes about attending Lady Thatcher's funeral and her memories of meeting the former Prime Minister. An old friend reminded me of the first time I had met Lady Thatcher.  We were working for a firm of publishers and to supplement our income we washed up at ...
  • A letter from Tanzania

    A letter from Tanzania

    | Foreign Policy
    In Tanzania education is a privilege. Children walk miles through the bush to attend school and discipline is automatic.  No cheeking of teachers and no knives.  I saw class loads of school children in ordered lines at a giraffe farm. The girls were in pink uniform with beautifully plaited hair ...
  • Family Ties

    Family Ties

    | General
    At a time when we are hearing about war memorials being vandalised, a war memorial which was commissioned by my great-grandfather Sir Arthur Nicholson has been restored and will reopen this Remembrance Sunday in Leek in Staffordshire.  My cousin and I have been invited to lay a wreath and we ...