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Blogs by Kathy Gyngell

Kathy Gyngell has a first class honours degree in social anthropology from Cambridge and an Oxford M.Phil. in sociology. She has worked for the former ITV companies, LWT and TV-am as a producer and senior programme executive. A full time mother after the birth of her second son, she founded the voluntary organization Full Time Mothers.

  • A response to Prof. Stevens on drug decriminalisation

    A response to Prof. Stevens on drug decriminalisation

    | Prisons & Addiction
    by Neil McKeganey and Kathy GyngellWe would like to respond to Professor Steven's post, for which we thank him, because it raises a number of significant issues. We address these in order below.1. Not a new orthodoxy?Any readers of the media of late with an interest in ...
  • Policing equality

    Policing equality

    | Social Policy
    “Still Unequal” the Spring edition of the Fabian Review declares. The government has got it wrong on gender equality, says Howard Reed, Director of Landman Economics, “single parent households are the worst affected”. “Nothing for Gender Equality in George’s budget” choruses the Women’s Budget Group ...
  • Drug decriminalisation - the new orthodoxy

    Drug decriminalisation - the new orthodoxy

    | Prisons & Addiction
    Professor Neil McKeganey and Kathy GyngellDrugs decriminalisation has become the new orthodoxy. It is an idea that captured the broadsheets and has won support from the ranks of the great and the good. It is the outcome of a considered campaign of libertarians who can now boast an ...