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Blogs by Ted Bromund

Dr. Ted R. Bromund is the Margaret Thatcher Senior Research Fellow in the Margaret Thatcher Center for Freedom in the Heritage Foundation in Washington, DC. He joined Heritage in 2008 after a decade as the Associate Director of International Security Studies at Yale University, a research and teaching center dedicated to diplomatic, military and strategic history, and grand strategy.

  • Foreign Policy Enters the 2012 Race

    Foreign Policy Enters the 2012 Race

    | Foreign Policy
    In the second of his guest blogs for the CPS, Ted Bromund highlights how foreign policy is becoming increasingly important in the build up to the 2012 Presidential raceConventional wisdom holds that elections in democracies are normally won or lost on bread and butter issues: if ...
  • Obama's Top Ten Errors on Libya

    Obama's Top Ten Errors on Libya

    | Foreign Policy
    When in November 1942 the British Army broke and routed Rommel, and sent him fleeing through Libya, Winston Churchill recognized that it was not the end of the war. But it was, he said, the end of the beginning.We are at the same place in Libya ...