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  • Is the 'Yes To Fairer Votes' campaign encouraging BBC bias?

    Is the 'Yes To Fairer Votes' campaign encouraging BBC bias?

    Whilst searching the web yesterday, I came across a very odd blog post on the Yes To Fairer Votes website.It was titled ‘Standing up to the BBC: 10,000 voices and counting’, and was a petition aimed to badger the BBC into “using the word "reform," when making ...
  • Hard vs Soft Subjects: A Critical Choice

    Hard vs Soft Subjects: A Critical Choice

    Administrator CPS | | Public Services
    David Vaiani is the Founder & Director of Aspire Whenever I visit state schools to talk to the pupils about applying to Oxbridge, the most frequently asked questions tend to focus on which subjects are required in order to gain access to the country’s leading universities. Invariably, as ...
  • Boris and the 50p rate

    Boris and the 50p rate

    Ryan Bourne | | Economy
    A Lib Dem peer yesterday accused Boris Johnson of "rattling the begging bowl for the starving rich,” following his call for the Chancellor to scrap the 50p rate of income tax in the upcoming budget.The exchange between the two pretty much sums up the politics of this controversial tax ...
  • Licence to thrill

    Licence to thrill

    Ryan Bourne | | Media & Technology
    As a free-market conservative, the BBC has long troubled me. There is no doubt that it produces some excellent programmes. In fact, it is usually my first port of call when I switch on in the evenings. And in all honesty – compared to my ...
  • Wha's like us?

    Wha's like us?

    Lucy Gilchrist | | General
    In celebrating Burns night we are reminded of Scottish matters and the 2011 Holyrood election results may well cause more of a political shockwave than the AV referendum, not least as the outcome of the latter already seems like a foregone conclusion.With the fourth Scottish Parliamentary ...
  • Feeling snowed under?

    Feeling snowed under?

    Ryan Bourne | | Economy
    Today’s  ONS growth figures come as quite a shock – and coupled with recent inflation and employment statistics, suggest a gloomy picture for the UK economy. Forecasters had predicted that growth would be somewhere between 0.2-0.6% for the fourth quarter of 2010, whereas the ONS’s provisional ...
  • Banking on a new vision

    Banking on a new vision

    Administrator CPS | | Economy
    Our financial services industry – anchored by banking, but encompassing insurance, shipping, private equity, hedge funds and related professional services such as law and accountancy – is vital to the UK’s economy. According to City lobby group TheCityUK, around 1 million people work in financial services ...