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  • Germany Will Have to Give Some Ground

    Germany Will Have to Give Some Ground

    Kieron O'Hara | | Economy
    The Eurozone crisis has been occupying commentators' minds for a while but actually the rough shape of the endgame is looking pretty clear. Germany will have to give some ground.As many have already pointed out, the problem with the concept of the euro was that it was ...
  • The Coalition's Inflation Headache

    The Coalition's Inflation Headache

    Ryan Bourne | | Economy
    Fraser Nelson is right. Last week’s inflation figures should have been the biggest concern to the government. Stuck at 4.5% (2.5% above the MPC’s target), rising prices are starting to hack into people’s standard of living. Food, fuel and energy are all getting more expensive – ...
  • Tomorrow's Rally Against Debt

    Tomorrow's Rally Against Debt

    Ryan Bourne | | Economy
    The Government's policies appear to be satisfying the bond markets - evidenced by it being able to borrow at low rates of interest. By pledging to eliminate the structural deficit by the end of the Parliament, they have convinced the markets they are getting debt accumulation ...
  • Now and Then: 30 killer statistics showing how the UK has changed since the last major Royal wedding

    Now and Then: 30 killer statistics showing how the UK has changed since the last major Royal wedding

    Ryan Bourne | | Economy
    The impending Royal Wedding will happen almost 30 years after Charles and Diana tied the knot in July 1981. There is no doubt that life in Britain has changed substantially since then, both economically and socially. Below I have presented 30 statistics (one per year) that ...
  • EU budget demands are a test for Cameron

    EU budget demands are a test for Cameron

    Ryan Bourne | | Economy
    From 1st April, the government’s fiscal consolidation was starting to bite. It will be making £16 billion worth of spending cuts this year, whilst increases to VAT and employees’ National Insurance Contributions will squeeze family incomes. Nevertheless, support for the restraint has by-and-large been resolute. Most ...
  • Bank competition and Vickers

    Bank competition and Vickers

    Ryan Bourne | | Economy
    On Monday, the Vickers Commission  made its preliminary recommendations on potential banking reform. There is much to welcome, in particular an increased focus on the need for more competition in the retail banking sector, as proposed by Andrea Leadsom . Likewise Howard Flight was making Vickers’ case for ...
  • The Rally Against Debt

    The Rally Against Debt

    Ryan Bourne | | Economy
    When the 'Rally Against Debt' idea was first established, I was sceptical about attending. It would have felt odd marching as public sector workers lost their jobs, I thought, even though I knew full well (and have long argued) that the cuts are entirely necessary in reducing the budget ...
  • Abolish NICs....properly

    Abolish NICs....properly

    Ryan Bourne | | Economy
    A simple tax system is a pillar of any long-term strategy for growth. This is why I was delighted by the pre-Budget rumours of the possible merging of NICs with income tax.As David Martin outlined in Abolish NICs : NICs are complicated, create perverse incentives and are by ...
  • Why care for Budget day curiousity?

    Why care for Budget day curiousity?

    Administrator CPS | | Economy
    Post by David Gibson Budget Day is a curious old thing. Like much of parliamentary business, it is essentially just another tradition accompanied by some peculiar formalities. Take for example, the obligatory cheesy photo-op as the proud Chancellor thrusts high his red box of joy to the ...
  • Enterprise Zones

    Enterprise Zones

    Ryan Bourne | | Economy
    The Chancellor George Osborne recently announced that he would look to create at least 10 ‘Enterprise Zones’ in the forthcoming budget. These were no doubt at least partly inspired by the Enterprise Zone policy of Margaret Thatcher, which used localised supply-side policies to eliminate dereliction and entice businesses to ...
  • Smoke and mirrors in the cuts debate

    Smoke and mirrors in the cuts debate

    Ryan Bourne | | Economy
    The quality of the debate around spending cuts has been tarnished by excessive scare-mongering on the one hand, and clever statistics on the other.If you believe groups like 'False Economy' you will regard cuts as resulting in decimated public services - whilst some Conservative MPs and commentators ...
  • The Minimum Wage and Youth Unemployment

    The Minimum Wage and Youth Unemployment

    Ryan Bourne | | Economy
    This morning John Prescott led a Twitter counter-attack against the Adam Smith Institute, which had suggested that the national minimum wage for young people should be abolished as a means of helping to cure the UK's youth unemployment problem.Their argument was simple: high youth unemployment is a symptom of ...
  • Tax Policy for Growth

    Tax Policy for Growth

    Ryan Bourne | | Economy
    Whilst scouring through some academic literature this morning, I came across an interesting paper in The Economic Journal on "Tax Policy For Economic Recovery And Growth".Reviewing historical OECD data, it comes to some important conclusions about the best tax reform policies (with any changes revenue neutral) to enhance short and ...
  • How high's inflation, mama? 4% and rising...

    How high's inflation, mama? 4% and rising...

    Ryan Bourne | | Economy
    The Bank of England's inflation headache is looking increasingly like a migraine. CPI inflation is up to 4% in the year to January, and the more accurate RPI measure has increased from 4.7% to 5.1%, with the increases thought to be driven by commodity prices and the VAT hike. Economic ...
  • Boris and the 50p rate

    Boris and the 50p rate

    Ryan Bourne | | Economy
    A Lib Dem peer yesterday accused Boris Johnson of "rattling the begging bowl for the starving rich,” following his call for the Chancellor to scrap the 50p rate of income tax in the upcoming budget.The exchange between the two pretty much sums up the politics of this controversial tax ...