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Key GOP dates for your diary

    Key Republican Dates 2012

    January 3rd 2012 – Iowa Caucus

    January 10th 2012 – New Hampshire Primary

    January 21st 2012 – South Carolina Primary

    January 30th 2012 – Florida Primary

    March 6th 2012 – Super Tuesday (11 Primaries including Texas [Perry,/Paul], Alaska, Massachusetts [Romney], Georgia [Cain/Gingrich])

    June 26th 2012 – Final primary, Utah

    August 27th 2012 – Republican National Convention, Tampa, Florida – candidate formally adopted

    September 2012 – First debate

    October 2012 – 2nd/3rd debates & VP debate

    November 6th 2012 – US Presidential Election

    January 20th 2013 – Inauguration of re-elected/new President.


    The CPS will be undertaking a series of events, blogs and news coverage around the Republican and Presidential campaigns in 2012. Stay tuned and follow us on Twitter and Facebook!

    Lewis joined the Centre for Policy Studies in April 2011 with responsibility for social media and digital engagement.

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