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UK Policy Resolutions for 2012

    Lewis James Brown, Web 2.0 Manager gives an overview of the new 'UK Policy Resolutions for 2012' series from the Centre for Policy Studies, to run from December 21st-31st. 

    Today the CPS launches its UK Policy Resolutions for 2012 series in which 15 of our board members, Research Fellows and authors, as well as some of the brightest MPs, set out what they feel the Coalition could do in 2012 to make the United Kingdom a stronger country.

    As you would expect, with the UK experiencing a prolonged period of economic uncertainty and the CPS’ commitment to producing policies concerned with driving growth, many of the articles concentrate on ‘policy resolutions’ dedicated to securing the conditions for economic recovery. The series has begun this morning with Lord Flight’s piece encouraging the Coalition to really get to grips with tackling the deficit, and make truly radical spending cuts. But we will also touch on such diverse policy areas as education, defence and drug policy. 

    This series does not represent an overview of CPS policy in 2012 but rather illustrates a variety of proposals from amongst the strong expertise of the CPS’ policy thinkers. Not all articles will be complimentary or in agreement, but they will form a basic outline of specific policy directions that they believe the Coalition should take in 2012.

    We will be publishing the pieces everyday (except Christmas Day) in the run up to New Year, so I invite you to keep up with these great articles the same way I am sure you have been keeping up with your advent calendars the past 21 days. The series continues tomorrow with an excellent piece from Dr. Tim Morgan of Tullett Prebon on managing longer periods of austerity.

    You can keep up with the series of articles on this page. We do hope you enjoy this series, please let us know your thoughts and your own ‘UK Policy Resolutions for 2012’ by commenting on the articles and through our Twitter

    CPS UK Policy Resolutions for 2012 series 

    'Deficit Reduction: Keeping Ahead of the Curve in 2012' by Lord Flight

    'Unprecendented Challenges: Managing Austerity in 2012' by Dr. Tim Morgan 

    'Delivering Empoyment Law Reform in 2012' by Dominic Raab MP

    'Setting a Path for Sustainable Budgets in 2012' by Ryan Bourne

    'A New Focus on Small Business in 2012' by Charlie Elphicke MP

    'Simplify Business Tax in 2012' by David Martin

    'Steps Towards a Flat Tax in 2012' by Nigel Knight

    'Personal Banking in 2012' by Andrea Leadsom MP

    'Privacy and Identity in 2012' by Yorick Wilks

    'Synthetic Phonics: Teaching Children to Read in 2012' by Tom Burkard

    'Defence on a budget in 2012' by Bernard Jenkin MP

    'Lessons on Defence Policy from America in 2012' by Ted Bromund

    'Following through with the vision: public services in 2012' by Robert Colvile

    'Facing Reality in 2012' by Kieron O’Hara

    'Making Payment by Results work in 2012' by Kathy Gyngell

    Lewis joined the Centre for Policy Studies in April 2011 with responsibility for social media and digital engagement.

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