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Getting business leaders to examine the effects of the current EU relationship on business regulation is a good step

    The Prime Minister is in Brussels for the EU Leaders Summit, and has just announced that he is setting up a task-force of business people to examine the current state of Britain’s relationship with the EU in terms of business regulation.  The aim is that the business people, which I understand will comprise people from SME life sciences, manufacturing, angel investment, retail and a range of other sectors, will analyse the EU’s effects on business through regulation in a similar way to the red-tape challenge here.  The group will be reporting to former CPS Council Member Michael Fallon at BIS, who is leading the Government’s red tape agenda.

    This is surely a welcome move. Getting business insight on regulation should ensure that proposed renegotiation and reform in this area isn’t just determined by bureaucrats, but also by people who the EU’s regulation touches on a day-to-day basis.

    For this to work effectively, the task force should therefore consult as widely as possible  - people with an interest in this area should be encouraged to contribute their insight. But this is a good step which suggests that the Prime Minister is aware of the need for meaningful reform to enable us to improve the supply-side of our economy.

    Ryan joined the Centre for Policy Studies in January 2011, having previously worked for a year at the economic consultancy firm Frontier Economics.

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