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Brexit Secretary to "consider" free port pilot

    In a speech in Teesside, Brexit Secretary David Davis said the government will consider a free port pilot in Teesside "with the most open mind possible."

    Ben Houchen, Tees Valley Mayor, is leading a push for a free port pilot in the area following Brexit and met with David Davis prior to his speech in local business leaders and lobbied for a free port to be trialed in the Tees Valley. 50 businesses and individiauls - including local Conservative and Labour MPs - have written to Philip Hammond to request a free port pilot study in the Tees Valley.

    When asked if he supported a free port, David Davis said such a port was an example of the many opportunities to strengthen and support trade post-Brexit.

    'The Free Ports Opportunity', written by Rishi Sunak MP and published by the Centre for Policy Studies in November 2016, outlined the potential benefits of free ports including economic growth, inward investment, increased job opportunities, and help re-balance Britain's economy.


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