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Why new atomic plant must be a Coalition priority

Tuesday 9th October 2012


    • John Hayes MP, Minister of State Dept for Energy & Climate Change
    • Tony Lodge, CPS Author The Atomic Clock
    • Alexey Kalinin, Head of International Business, Rosatom, Russia's state atomic energy corporation
    • Stephen Tindale, Co-founder, Climate Answers and former Executive Director of Greenpeace UK       

    Sponsored by Lord Vinson

    Tuesday 9 October at 13.00 Novotel Hotel, 70 Broad Street, Birmingham 

    Nuclear generating capacity is forecast to fall by 75% in the next few years. Another 12,000MW of diverse generating capacity (out of a total of 90,000MW) will close by 2016 due to EU rules. Any further delays in approving new nuclear plant will mean this plant will not make a net contribution to UK electricity supply before 2025, at the earliest. Last winter, coal plants shouldered nearly 50% of electricity demand. The Government risks filling the nuclear delay ‘gap’ with yet more gas-fired plant. The UK could be dependent on gas for over 80% of electricity generation by 2025.

    What is the alternative? Should the Coalition approve what CPS author Tony Lodge called for in ‘The Atomic Clock’ - a fair and balanced nuclear power delivery strategy which rewards all new atomic power investors? 

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