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Events - October 2020

Past events

  • A Pro-Growth Tax System for the UK

    The Centre for Policy Studies has been working with the Tax Foundation on a revenue-neutral plan for a more competitive and pro-growth UK tax regime. This comes after the release of the Tax Foundation's annual International Tax Competitiveness Index, which places the UK 22nd out of 36 OECD countries, down one place from 2019. In this new report, CPS and Tax Foundation researchers propose a fiscally balanced package of pro-growth tax reforms that would see the UK shoot up the international competitiveness rankings. Join us on 27th October at 17.00 to discuss the findings.
    A Pro-Growth Tax System for the UK
  • The Future of Populism

    To discuss the future of populism and what it means for the international order, the Centre for Policy Studies is delighted to welcome Thomas Frank, author of The People, No: A History of Anti-Populism and founding editor of The Baffler, and Joseph Sternberg, author of The Theft of a Decade: How the Baby Boomers Stole the Millennials’ Economic Future and editorial board member at the Wall Street Journal.
    The Future of Populism
  • US Election Preview

    With three weeks to go to election day and all to play for, the Centre for Policy Studies is delighted to host a public webinar, held in partnership with the C|T Group, on the US presidential election campaign, with a special focus on key swing states, and voters’ key motivations when choosing a candidate.
    US Election Preview