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Events - June 2021

Past events

  • CapX Live with Prof. Niall Ferguson

    In his new book Doom: The Politics of Catastrophe, world-renowned historian Prof. Niall Ferguson argues that far from being "unprecedented", the response to Covid-19 exhibits the same political and social pathologies that have shaped so many previous crises. Moreover, we can't hope to understand the pandemic without a keen appreciation of the history of economics, society, culture and politics.
    CapX Live with Prof. Niall Ferguson
  • CapX Live with Adrian Wooldridge

    It may seem uncontroversial to a modern audience, but meritocracy - the idea that one succeeds thanks to their own talents and effort - is a truly revolutionary idea. Today, however, the meritocratic idea is in danger of losing its edge as politicians and plutocrats pay lip service to its values while presiding over increasingly stagnant societies.