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NEW REPORT: Look back from the future

    In this Centre for Policy Studies report, the former Head of the Prime Minister’s Policy Unit, Norman Balckwell,  argues that:


    • Future prosperity will not depend on getting back to where we were before the recession but on far-reaching reforms to improve productivity.
    • Rather, future prosperity will depend on whether the Coalition can achieve reform today in five crucial reforms areas:
      • restructuring public services
      • raising the savings level
      • focusing education on excellence
      • developing education, health and science as export earners
      • securing low-cost energy
    • In only one of these five areas of reform is the Coalition making reasonable progress.


    Norman Blackwell is available for interview and/or comment.


    The full report can be downloaded from here. Please let me know if you would like a hard copy.

    Date added: Thursday 7th July 2011