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    • Lewis Brown, Nick Jacques and Dane Barnett make their picks in the 2012 GOP field, and encourage you to do the same – ‘Who Would You Vote For?’ 

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    • Nick Clegg's right. It's time to start means-testing pensioners (John Kampfner, The Guardian)
    • IDS, Gove and Pickles top Cabinet league table (Tim Montgomerie, Conservative Home)
    • David Cameron starts all over again on public services reform (Benedict Brogan, The Telegraph)
    • Labour fails to capitalise on coalition setback (Financial Times)
    • Is there a good kind of lobbying? (Caroline Crampton, Total Politics)


    • Don't treat us as "congenital idiots", Mr Cameron. Mail, Telegraph and Sun warn PM over Europe. (Tim Montgomerie, Conservative Home)
    • If Not Now, When? (John Redwood MP, The Commentator)
    • The numbers game suggests Cameron will have to back down over a EU referendum (Mail Online)
    • Radical eurozone shakeup could see countries stripped of voting rights (The Guardian)
    • We’re not Germanophobes, but neither are we all Europhiles (Anthony Pickles, The Commentator)
    • No Pain, No Gain, in Ireland’s 2012 Budget (Channel 4 News)

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    Date added: Tuesday 6th December 2011