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As high costs force Centrica to pull out of new projects, can nuclear power ever be profitable? (City AM)

    CPS Research Fellow Tony Lodge writes in City AM.

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    "Nuclear power stations can be built and operated without the need for government subsidies. The actual build of nuclear power stations is entirely financed by energy companies – not the government. However, the only way that you can get these companies to invest billions of pounds is by providing them with a level of certainty. Forecasting energy prices for the next 25 years is difficult. But the government is in negotiations to guarantee a fair price to energy companies – not necessarily a subsidy. A look at the numbers shows the business viability: two 1,600-megawatt reactors, operating at 90 per cent efficiency over 50 years, could generate £88bn in revenues at an average market price of £70 per megawatt hour (the government’s median projection price for nuclear power in 2011). This shows that building nuclear energy plants can be a financially viable business without subsidies from the government."

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    Date added: Tuesday 5th February 2013