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Labour Corporation Tax plans threaten jobs (Daily Telegraph)


    David Cameron's citation of CPS briefing note "Estimating the Employment Effects of Labour’s Corporation Tax Policy" is mentioned in a Daily Telegraph article, Saturday 7 February 2015. 

    To read the full article, visit the Daily Telegraph website.

    "In his article, the Prime Minister launches his strongest attack to date on Mr Miliband’s economic credentials, warning that Labour poses a “clear and present threat” to bring “chaos” and “misery” to Britain if it wins the election in May.

    He cites new analysis which suggests that Labour’s plan to put up corporation tax would cost the country 96,400 jobs over the next parliament. Figures from the Centre for Policy Studies, an independent think-tank, estimated the likely impact of Labour’s policy to increase corporation tax from its current low levels."

    To read the full article, visit the Daily Telegraph website.

    Date added: Sunday 8th February 2015