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Finns aren't what they used to be (BBC News)

    BBC News report on the CPS paper "Real Finnish Lessons: The true story of an education superpower", Wednesday 15 April 2015. 

    To read the full report, visit the BBC News website. 

    In a report published by the right-wing think tank the Centre for Policy Studies, Mr Sahlgren argues that Finland's star performance in the 2000 Pisa tests was built on the legacy of an older, very traditional education system, which had been part of the country's process of nation building.

    But this wasn't the image of Finland wanted by education experts, he says. Instead, when Finland was the top performer in Europe, it was used as a "counter-argument" to the success of east Asian school systems in Singapore, Shanghai and Hong Kong.

    To read the full report, visit the BBC News website.

    Date added: Wednesday 15th April 2015